About Us

About Company

We are a sustainable and ethical fashion sourcing company with real time services to our customers to help solve supply chain complexities and create environmentally sustainable products in the apparel space.

Our collaborative approach with sustainable partners and implementing processes of sourcing and manufacturing in our factories and supply chain keeps us competent enough to serve the global apparel consumer domain.

We are a fast growing service centre with our reach from our production partners in Bangladesh, India, Turkey, China to help our clients with fast responses and solutions to their needs and problems. Training and management control of our partner factories are a continuous driving activity which we engage day in day out to keep our customers at peace for their merchandise while taking utmost care of our sustainability vision.


  • Sourcing & manufacturing 80% of products from recycled , sustainable sources & manufacturing methods & contributing to the environmental & social sustainance.
  • Reach & serve global consumers of clothing most sustainably.
  • Contribute to the energy saving by partnering and using renewable sources of energy.
  • Contribute to the waste water recycling back to process water.
  • Contributing to the recycling of the wastage of cutting room and the waste used clothing back into the value stream.

Brand Strategy

We are a leading buying agent in Asia with internal social and chemical compliance departments. We offer professional guidance in out-sourcing of ready-made garment production.

Creative Design

Our design, research and development department can assist you with trend forecasting, product design, fabric and trim development, and research and knowledge of what is currently popular in the retail and catwalk markets.

Innovative Sourcing

With headquarters in Dhaka at the heart of Bangladesh, Rag-D. provides comprehensive textile sourcing services to the fashion industry in the West, serving as the interface to producers in Asia.