Company Profile

Company Profile

Consumer needs ethically produced eco friendly sustainable clothing from responsible suppliers.

We bring in here the fulfilment of their needs.

We design, develop, source, manufacture and serve for the customers from one single platform which controls the entire supply chain under traceable system very soon with the help of blockchain technology.

We aim to be near to customers for near sourcing and reduce lead times and employ our global networked team to serve customers near to them at the soonest possible time. We have started our operations from Bangladesh and UAE and are very soon extending forward to India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Jordan, Mexico, Honduras and Madagascar to serve our customers.

Our sustainable supply chain control is global, and resources managed globally with one consolidated central control for Raw materials like fibre, yarns, dyes & chemicals, machineries, technology and designing.

Our sourcing and manufacturing of fabrics, apparel, service centres and warehouses are decentralized in different continents at strategically favorable locations for customers to get their products and services at the quickest possible time.

Our innovation combines the technology advancement of raw material manufacturing and customisation along with their conversions to intermediates and final consumable products. Our innovation is extended forward to the recycling of used clothing and industrial wastes into sustainable eco friendly clothing and thereby help consumers feel proud in wearing eco re- engineered and re-designed clothing.

This unique blend of innovation across all the spheres of sourcing and manufacturing for apparel, home and outdoor and technical end uses is being provided seamlessly to our customers from our extra ordinary global team and the impeccable technology based system.